Fun fitness workout 

Hey everyone,today i am posting about fitness , a freakingly popular word ,as the modern world is going crazy about it.

I have never been a fitness conscious though , not until i got promoted to college …                                                         But you know When you see those skinny girls moving in tight fitted jeans around you and still going to gym , sooner or later you develop the urge of being fit or skinny too , right ???                                         So, keeping in mind that i don’t want to join a gym , i started looking for alternatives to stay fit ….   and from then onwards i tried everything (and when i say that , i seriously mean it 😉 ) from yoga to exercise to cardio workout and more….       

But everytime , i used to start off enthusiastically and the plan used to get dumped  within a week….until one day , when i was looking for dance workouts that i got this video by Danielle Peazer on YouTube.I really liked the workout , here is the video link :
This is a hip hop dance workout and its quite small , so you don’t need to put in hours of travelling and then workout .Moreover , it’s hip hop who doesn’t like that .

I hope you like this workout and have fun 😁


19 thoughts on “Fun fitness workout 

  1. Even I have never been conscious about my figure but now going to college and seeing skinny girls around me makes me go a little mad.I would hate to go to gym,hope your video helps.There is one thing I have noticed about my body is that since the time I have become conscious about my weight,I am gaining weight!:)

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    1. I think it’s kinda side effect of thinking about weight loss , coz i also started putting on weight back then but now i’m fit . I am sure it will work for you , coz it’s fun more than just a workout .

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  2. I haven’t tried any kind of dance or Zumba for fitness, I’ve always been intrigued though! I love lifting weights so much, but I can become boring and routine for me if I don’t mix it up. I’m going to start adding swimming in too. I’ll have to look up some YouTube dance workout videos to try at home!

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  3. I used to play just Dance when I was a teenager a lot of the times and now that I no longer have a wii or the games anymore I found myself looking for dance videos online and this one is defiantly a great routine!

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  4. Great post,I love the workout! ❤
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  5. Great stuff! Fitness and exercise should be fun! Set goals and stay consistent to achieve them and you’ll find you begin to really enjoy the process as each time you exercise your one step closer to achieving your goal!


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