A sweet love story :2

To me it was a muse ,

And to him , a mere distraction …

Every second,he drove away ,

And , i was drifting closer …

I embraced it as love ,

And he considered infatuation …

cling to my own outlook ,

And he clinged to his perception…

Though , it was love , 

One sided indeed …

The One who is in denial ,

Will soon make it complete …

Staring from the corner of his eye , 

Several times i did caught …

Behaving as a skeptic ,

I wonder what he might have thought …

But one day , he confessed ,

That he fear for those discriminations …
Of caste , religion and more ,

The world is full of differentiations…

I scowled at him like hell , 

And hugged him with compassion …

Didn’t you hear that quote ,

Love is above all boundations ….


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