January first read !!!

January’s first week passed by silently , and I have completed my first read of 2017 , but I am still in the hangover of the book finished hours before….

I read “Queen of thieves” by Toxic Wonderland ,at the first sight the title caught my eye. I found it on Wattpad and the book was Watty’s 2016 winner , in the mystery genre …

It has got everything one can ask for suspense,drama , action,emotions everything…. I feel it to be one of the best books I have read till now ,so I  won’t  be giving any spoilers , just a little introduction of the storyline …and some excerpts from the book …

Liana had only five minutes to find what she wanted , an easy task for her ,just like any other heist …

She swept the room and found the laptop on the table , great !she pushed a flash drive on the slot to copy the contents , ejected  the drive and put her signature”her lip marks” on the table …

When she turned to leave there was another thief at the door ,but the circle did not interfere in each other’s heists …she sighed and regretted to not bring her bow …

She took the vase which was broken in the fight and  banged him with it on his temple and he fell unconscious , the security was about to come for the sweep , there was no way to go out of the door and she jumped off the window ….

It was already late for the party , she had to climb up to the window to reach her room , for there was no way Lilith and Isaac (her foster parents)could see her in that black dress …

This is it for the introduction after all it’s mystery, here are some excerpts from the book :

It has got a really interesting plot and the story unfolds in stages , it has pointed out some of the social evils of the society.I imagined myself to be watching the movie Lara Croft while reading it ,the character Liana has got resemblence to Lara somehow.

I hope you would try reading the book ….
Have fun and keep reading 😀😀


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