Spring Diaries 

Spring perhaps the best time of the year , feels like nature’s seeking for balance just like we humans do . 



This Wednesday I got a chance to visit the Isckon temple and that too in the evening and I must say that it looked extremely beautiful  . It was so peaceful as if the entire environment was calling  out for Lord Krishna and other deities present . I clicked some pictures and here they are…

Painting at the ceiling of the temple

Holi special : Malpua recipe

Malpua is a sweet dish that is crunchy on the edges and the middle part is soft and fluffy and is usually prepared on the occasion of Holi .

Holi is not just a festival of colors, but a beautiful amalgamation of color , food and relationships – be it with friends , family or sometimes even a stranger . There are different styles of celebrating Holi across India and with these changes the flavor of dishes made .From childhood I have seen my mother preparing Malpua early in the morning and to complement the sweetness a salty dish is prepared too ,  like soya chilly or paneer (cottage cheese) chilly .

So , here I am sharing the recipe and there are different variations of this dish too …


  • All purpose flour 
  • Milk
  • cardamom powder 
  • cashew nuts 
  • Almonds 
  • Raisins 
  • Oil (to fry)
  • Sugar 


  • Mix all purpose flour with milk such that it gets flowy consistency.In case you don’t want to use all purpose flour you may use Semolina. Keep the batter  overnight .
  • The batter raises and becomes thick so you may need to add some more milk to it .
  • To this batter add almonds , cashew nuts and raisins along with cardamom powder and sugar . Mix it well and keep it aside for another 15 minutes .
  • Now , heat oil in a pan on medium flame . Pour the batter and fry till it is golden brown in color.
  • Serve alone or with some salty snack .

You may try out this batter in form of pancake but then it will lose its property of being soft -inside and crunchy – outside .

And Happy Rang Panchami to all . Let us color the world with the colors of love and peace . Amen ….


 Brother’s drawings …

Me and my brother are always at war although he is just 11 years old , that doesn’t matter , but one thing i admit that he’s definitely better at , is drawing . Since , I am very bad at it . I always love his drawings and so am sharing with all of you …

Lord Ganesha :

Lord Vishnu :

Our home : 

 well not very much similar but through a kid’s eyes

Please let me know if you like it …

Most of his sketches are those of Hindu Gods  , thanks to all the mythological series we watched . More to come soon …


The little bird !!

Nothing’s more soothing than the voice of nature …



The Comeback post !

Hey everyone , so happy to be back , feels like i haven’t been around since ages as I was locked in a prison in the midst of a lonely island ……relax ….just kidding 😊. Actually i was standing on a crossroad where everything seemed so inconspicuous that i had to take a break to decide which path to follow .I’m graduating this spring and i always knew that i wanted to go for higher studies , but being from  middle class i realized that my family had some expectations ” They wanted me to land to a job first so that if i don’t get into some good University i could continue with the job “.Well , i don’t blame them , it had happened to me before and so i had to take both roads simultaneously .After all who would want to disappoint his/her parents  .I actually like the fact that they are so involved about my career , life and everything .

I know some of you might say that it isn’t difficult at all . Yeah i know it isn’t but when you are not mentally prepared to be in that situation , you can certainly build a mountain out of a molehill and so did I . Well after a couple of sleepless nights and a dozen nightmares of being a failure in life , i managed to get three jobs and so the pressure began to drop .

Recently , i took the exam for my higher education plans and so i am totally relaxing now ….. Though everything didn’t go according to  my expectations , but i have laid the foundation and i am really hopeful and optimistic about it .

One thing that i realized during this period is that your mindset plays a crucial role in your preparation colloquially saying : ” It’s all in your mind ” , but  i am gonna do a seperate post for it .

Ok so this is about what i was upto all these days , and i also completed my one year journey on WordPress in December . It’s been really amazing till now with it’s fair share of ups and downs and i am really excited for the journey ahead .Thank You guys for making it really interesting and amusing .I also wanted to apologise as i had few nominations before i left and i could not respond to them but i would try to make it up now .


Wheel of Time 

The good thing about future ,its yet to happen and you are left with just anticipations

The better thing about past ,its already over and you can only rethink your endeavors 

And the best thing about present ,whatever you commit now reflects your past and future ……