What I feel …


Sometimes you are so deeply hurt 

That even the most healing words

Can’t make you smile …😔

First attempt at haiku 

The day you went numb                                    We started talking                                   Your eyes speak a lot …


Recently I learnt about haiku and i wanted to try my hands on it ,so the first thing that came in my mind was this.Can this be considered as a haiku ,your feedback is appreciated 😊

A letter to my dear …

Hello dear ,

It’s been so long ,ever since my birth,

Everyday you lend me a paper and a pen,

And ask me to write onto it,

Sometimes my writing come out as a masterpiece,

And sometimes it’s worthless…

Oh dear now-a-days 

You seem like a math question paper ,

That has got some simple ,some tough questions,

But you know what ,

I love to solve the tough ones ,

Coz there is no fun in solving questions,

When you easily get the answers …

But Sometimes dear

You seem like a video game ,

Every level you bring another monster,

But i know it’s an illusion ,

Coz  i am the hero of this game,

I will shoot and they will disappear …

I doubt my dear 

That you’re a wicked witch,

You keep on testing me , every now and then 

But lately I have got a trick ,

I will smile and you will be bound to pass me…


Whatever you are ,either an angel or a witch ,

I am happy that you didn’t leave me ,

You are still there to bear me ,

To see if I am broken or still have left with hopes ,

Coz you are my Life dear ,

Without you i am nothing…


Hey guys i know this isn’t a Poem ,actually some thoughts popped up and i wrote it down without thinking about rhymes or vocabulary  .So, do forgive me for this and have a good night.😃

A sweet love story :2

To me it was a muse ,

And to him , a mere distraction …

Every second,he drove away ,

And , i was drifting closer …

I embraced it as love ,

And he considered infatuation …

cling to my own outlook ,

And he clinged to his perception…

Though , it was love , 

One sided indeed …

The One who is in denial ,

Will soon make it complete …

Staring from the corner of his eye , 

Several times i did caught …

Behaving as a skeptic ,

I wonder what he might have thought …

But one day , he confessed ,

That he fear for those discriminations …
Of caste , religion and more ,

The world is full of differentiations…

I scowled at him like hell , 

And hugged him with compassion …

Didn’t you hear that quote ,

Love is above all boundations ….

I aspire to be …..

I aspire to be the one 

the one whom you admire

The one you always dreamt of

And the one you desire 
I aspire to be the raindrop

That falls on a parched land 

And heals the wounds with love

To regenerate again 
I aspire to be the one that 

 Resides in your single breath

The one who moves with your heartthrob

And the one who runs through your vein

I aspire to be those memories 

You can cherish life long

 In melancholy whose Remeberance

Can tickle your funny bone 

I aspire to be the angel

Who can shred off all your tears

The one who will always enlighten you

And pacify your sacred fears .

But why i aspire this ????

Cause you’re the one i can die for 

And you are the reason to live ☺☺☺

Perception of Life – My reponse to today’s one word prompt “Construct”


           Let’s move along the bank                               And gaze at the shining sky             

             The waves that rise above                                   Just to again drop by 

           Let loose your thoughts away                      And breath in the breeze passby

          Do you see your impressions                            inscribed on the wet sand ??

     Those would be the guiding marks…

            Let go those restless days                              wasted in contemporary                                      desires 

              Those sacred fears ..                                     that arouse in the imaginary                             future by now 

             Its up to you                                                  either be the lake in limits or,                      The river that makes its own path …

     Let’s construct another perspective                 a better way to look at life 
        Let’s construct a better world                           That treats us all alike !!!

Hey , everyone please let me know if this is good or not ☺☺