Someday in solitude 

Wandering at an altitude

I would open that tiny door

To a world unknown

Where i could hear those 

Melting glaciers in my heart 

And the waves of thoughts 

Striking the shore of my mind

A place where i could feel the cool breeze 

Lingering my body 

And the waves drenching my foot 

Where i could soar to the horizon 

With no limitations 

To find my ruminations

With no regrets and no expectations 

A place to fill in the voids 

And to get rid of those echoing voice

Voices with sharp edges

Piercing through my heart 

Cutting it into pieces 

A place where i don’t tremble

By the nightmares i still handle

A place where i could find my inner self

Lost in the animosity of this world 

To resurrect my own being 

Through the storms held within ….



Flowers bloom 

Nature rejoice

One cannot resist 

Pleasing ambience around …

Yellow blanket spread 

Various scents unite

Exuberant beings 

Coz it’s spring time …

Happy Vasant Panchami guys , this is a festival we celebrate here in India , it is the symbol of spring arrival .On this day we worship Goddess Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge ,music and art).People wear yellow outfits and offer their prayers in the form of dance or song to Goddess Saraswati,maybe  because in this season mustard crops bloom covering the Earth in yellow blanket .
May Goddess Saraswati shower her blessings on everyone …. 

This is all for now ,have a good night 😊


My response to today’s one word prompt ☺

With a stroke of yellow light                                Sun colored the sky blue                    Consuming the darkness                                 Arrives the dawn   …         


How to become a successful person ???

Hello fellas,

I just heard you saying what a cheesy line ,well yes it is … Yesterday when I saw the daily prompt “Successful” ,it just reminded me of some childhood memories,some really cherishing moments of my life .                                         I remembered my principal in high school ,a man with principles ,strict yet loving ,he always wanted his students to come out with flying colors and I still remember what he used to say about success :

Success is an abstract word it has no meaning until it meets dreams & ambitions of people .It has got no shortcuts and if you find one , then it is definitely a wrong path ,you must avoid it. 

He always said that success isn’t a choice , it’s an award that you need to earn through hard work ,but it’s not a luxury , anyone can have it whether rich or poor…

He also told us that there are four mantras for success , and you don’t need to chant these mantras all the time ,you just need to follow them and try to implement in your life :

  • Punctuality 
  • Preservance or Determination 
  • Dedication 
  • Discipline 

He also said that the most important thing in life is Discipline . Without discipline one can never achieve the remaining mantras.

At that time ,it didn’t really made any sense ,because success had very little meaning for me .Being successful meant just to be amongst  the top rankers or the topper of the class ,and  luckily I was always amongst them ,so I never gave it another thought.

But now when I am going to step my foot in the world as an individual I realise what he wanted to convey ….And I personally believe that being successful is to be content with what you are up to ,chasing your dreams with your self respect intact .

  This is it for now,I hope you enjoyed it , thanks for reading and Good Night 😘😊


A sweet love story :2

To me it was a muse ,

And to him , a mere distraction …

Every second,he drove away ,

And , i was drifting closer …

I embraced it as love ,

And he considered infatuation …

cling to my own outlook ,

And he clinged to his perception…

Though , it was love , 

One sided indeed …

The One who is in denial ,

Will soon make it complete …

Staring from the corner of his eye , 

Several times i did caught …

Behaving as a skeptic ,

I wonder what he might have thought …

But one day , he confessed ,

That he fear for those discriminations …
Of caste , religion and more ,

The world is full of differentiations…

I scowled at him like hell , 

And hugged him with compassion …

Didn’t you hear that quote ,

Love is above all boundations ….


Growing over him ,

Was the pain …

Lurking in his grim ,

The specific  moan …


Scrutinizing the pale corpse ,

Laying in front of his eyes…

The blissful divine ,

Has become morose …


Bursting out in despondency,

Wailing was the ambience around …

Shrieking filled the coppice ,

Cursing mankind ….

What is it , you’ve been craving for ???

Is your dominance , still not proven ???

So indifferent to a life ,

Does Standing above the almighty,

Fills you with exuberance???


A tear slid on his cheeks,

Resembling a drop of dew …

For he would never see her again,

Sprinting in the woods ,

 Neither enfold him in her arms ,

Nor gaze at him with love …

Yet another life is sacrificed,

Is your quest still not satisfied???
Their mum cries , 

Waiting to be heard …

Is  This what  you call humanity???

Or it’s just a matter of words …


Shower some affection ,

Pour some love …
Live an honored life ,

And let them live one ….


Stop hunting , animals are lovely creatures ,embrace them 😀😀😀