It’s Award Time !!!

Hello fellas , last week has been quite tiring 😢,i mean i was really loaded with stuff and still am  but it feels great , i mean sometimes being occupied is good right . Well ,it’s  been quite late and i have not responded to award nominations but you see better late than never so here i am .

First of all a big thank you for all the award nominations …

I am really grateful to Sushmitamukherjee ,who is a great story teller and poet and Matthew ,whom I see as the anime king for the Blogger recognition award but as you know i have already done this award once and my answers are still the same so i won’t be doing it again .But i would ask you to visit their blogs .

Next one is the Versatile Blogger Award , this is my first versatile blogger award and what excites me even more is that i actually got nominated by four lovely bloggers for this one ,yayyy…                              

I am really grateful to Nyse ,Deepika , multitudeofmythoughts  and Subbashini Meenakshi Sundaram for the nomination and i would request you to visit their awesome blogs , you will be blown away by the amazing stuff they write , poems,thought provoking posts and more.

1.You have to thank the person who nominated you for this award and provide a link to their blog.
2.Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice. the nominees and inform them about their nomination.
4.share 7 facts about yourself. 

Here are the 7 facts about me ….

  • I love singing and i am a good singer but i never participated in any competition because i get nervous on stage .
  • Currently i am pursuing degree of bachelor of engineering in computer science from a government college .
  • I have a strong fear of heights .
  • I am a bit insomniac , i don’t fall asleep easily ,it takes me 2-3 hours after going to bed to fall asleep.
  • I love cooking and experimenting with food ,this is something you already know.
  • I love watching cartoons .My all time favourite is ” Winx Club ” series 😍😍.
  • I feel a bit shy in talking to someone for the first time .

Now  for the nominations part , i would nominate all those bloggers who view this post and like it and who would like to do this award,i know this is not a good practice but this time i will have to leave it this way .I hope you don’t mind it .

Have a good day lovely bloggers 😊



Flowers bloom 

Nature rejoice

One cannot resist 

Pleasing ambience around …

Yellow blanket spread 

Various scents unite

Exuberant beings 

Coz it’s spring time …

Happy Vasant Panchami guys , this is a festival we celebrate here in India , it is the symbol of spring arrival .On this day we worship Goddess Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge ,music and art).People wear yellow outfits and offer their prayers in the form of dance or song to Goddess Saraswati,maybe  because in this season mustard crops bloom covering the Earth in yellow blanket .
May Goddess Saraswati shower her blessings on everyone …. 

This is all for now ,have a good night 😊


My response to today’s one word prompt ☺

With a stroke of yellow light                                Sun colored the sky blue                    Consuming the darkness                                 Arrives the dawn   …         


Celebrating #200 follows

A thanksgiving post to all my fellow bloggers .

Hey everyone ,first of all a big thank you to all my fellow bloggers for this lovely gift #200 follows .Today i want to share one of my fears that i am conquering through blogging ..

Though i love writing it is very daunting for me to hit publish because i always felt that my writing style is too monotonous , it made me feel that my writings lack emotions and that no one would ever read my posts .Also ,I am not very good at using heavy words ,that made the fear even stronger , and it’s not just for blogging ,even in exams i always had the fear that i am able to explain things properly or not .When i started my blog on 21 November 2016, i had no idea on what to write ,am i capable of being creative ,but when i started writing things became simpler ,i tried my hands on different things, and every time your encouragement acted as a confidence booster for me  …

 It is only because of you people ,all your support and love that is slowly killing my fear of writing . So , Thank You So Much 😊

Secondly i want to apologise because from now onwards i may not be that consistent in writing posts and reading your lovely posts too .It is because this year is very important for me there are so many things to focus on that i may not find time to be around ,but i would try to post weekly .I hope you all will stick around ,and would shower your love as always .Thanks for reading ,have a lovely weekend ☺.

First attempt at haiku 

The day you went numb                                    We started talking                                   Your eyes speak a lot …


Recently I learnt about haiku and i wanted to try my hands on it ,so the first thing that came in my mind was this.Can this be considered as a haiku ,your feedback is appreciated 😊

How to become a successful person ???

Hello fellas,

I just heard you saying what a cheesy line ,well yes it is … Yesterday when I saw the daily prompt “Successful” ,it just reminded me of some childhood memories,some really cherishing moments of my life .                                         I remembered my principal in high school ,a man with principles ,strict yet loving ,he always wanted his students to come out with flying colors and I still remember what he used to say about success :

Success is an abstract word it has no meaning until it meets dreams & ambitions of people .It has got no shortcuts and if you find one , then it is definitely a wrong path ,you must avoid it. 

He always said that success isn’t a choice , it’s an award that you need to earn through hard work ,but it’s not a luxury , anyone can have it whether rich or poor…

He also told us that there are four mantras for success , and you don’t need to chant these mantras all the time ,you just need to follow them and try to implement in your life :

  • Punctuality 
  • Preservance or Determination 
  • Dedication 
  • Discipline 

He also said that the most important thing in life is Discipline . Without discipline one can never achieve the remaining mantras.

At that time ,it didn’t really made any sense ,because success had very little meaning for me .Being successful meant just to be amongst  the top rankers or the topper of the class ,and  luckily I was always amongst them ,so I never gave it another thought.

But now when I am going to step my foot in the world as an individual I realise what he wanted to convey ….And I personally believe that being successful is to be content with what you are up to ,chasing your dreams with your self respect intact .

  This is it for now,I hope you enjoyed it , thanks for reading and Good Night 😘😊