The Comeback post !

Hey everyone , so happy to be back , feels like i haven’t been around since ages as I was locked in a prison in the midst of a lonely island ……relax ….just kidding ๐Ÿ˜Š. Actually i was standing on a crossroad where everything seemed so inconspicuous that i had to take a break to decide which path to follow .I’m graduating this spring and i always knew that i wanted to go for higher studies , but being from  middle class i realized that my family had some expectations ” They wanted me to land to a job first so that if i don’t get into some good University i could continue with the job “.Well , i don’t blame them , it had happened to me before and so i had to take both roads simultaneously .After all who would want to disappoint his/her parents  .I actually like the fact that they are so involved about my career , life and everything .

I know some of you might say that it isn’t difficult at all . Yeah i know it isn’t but when you are not mentally prepared to be in that situation , you can certainly build a mountain out of a molehill and so did I . Well after a couple of sleepless nights and a dozen nightmares of being a failure in life , i managed to get three jobs and so the pressure began to drop .

Recently , i took the exam for my higher education plans and so i am totally relaxing now ….. Though everything didn’t go according to  my expectations , but i have laid the foundation and i am really hopeful and optimistic about it .

One thing that i realized during this period is that your mindset plays a crucial role in your preparation colloquially saying : ” It’s all in your mind ” , but  i am gonna do a seperate post for it .

Ok so this is about what i was upto all these days , and i also completed my one year journey on WordPress in December . It’s been really amazing till now with it’s fair share of ups and downs and i am really excited for the journey ahead .Thank You guys for making it really interesting and amusing .I also wanted to apologise as i had few nominations before i left and i could not respond to them but i would try to make it up now .


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