Celebrating #200 follows

A thanksgiving post to all my fellow bloggers .


Hey everyone ,first of all a big thank you to all my fellow bloggers for this lovely gift #200 follows .Today i want to share one of my fears that i am conquering through blogging ..

Though i love writing it is very daunting for me to hit publish because i always felt that my writing style is too monotonous , it made me feel that my writings lack emotions and that no one would ever read my posts .Also ,I am not very good at using heavy words ,that made the fear even stronger , and it’s not just for blogging ,even in exams i always had the fear that i am able to explain things properly or not .When i started my blog on 21 November 2016, i had no idea on what to write ,am i capable of being creative ,but when i started writing things became simpler ,i tried my hands on different things, and every time your encouragement acted as a confidence booster for me  …

 It is only because of you people ,all your support and love that is slowly killing my fear of writing . So , Thank You So Much 😊

Secondly i want to apologise because from now onwards i may not be that consistent in writing posts and reading your lovely posts too .It is because this year is very important for me there are so many things to focus on that i may not find time to be around ,but i would try to post weekly .I hope you all will stick around ,and would shower your love as always .Thanks for reading ,have a lovely weekend ☺.

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