The eternal love : part 2

Days passed , Kamini’s husband(sanjay) and Rohan’s life was getting back on track .Rohan still asked about his mother and whenever he did ,sanjay used to engage him with other children or take him out for a ride .

The days slowly turned into months ..
“Don’t behave like a stubborn kid,you still have a long life ahead ,and Rohan is too young ,he needs a mother “-Sanjay’s elder brother(Tanay) was trying to persuade him to get married again .

“Exactly!! he needs a mother,not a step mother .I don’t want him to go through the hardships of a step mother.I can live alone for the sake of my child” said Sanjay .

Sanjay’s love for Rohan was not any less than Kamini’s and he loved Kamini so much….Months slowly turned to years ,Rohan was 12 years old now and he was an amiable kid ,loving and caring just like his mother . Whenever he used to see his cousins or any other child ,teasing or demanding something from their mother or playing with her ,he used to feel miserable .He used to cry alone but never told Sanjay about it .

Rohan’s aunts used to tell him about his mother -How beautiful she was in and out ,How much she loved him and all the sacrifices she made for him …But Rohan could feel nothing ,as he was growing older the only remnants of his mother “the memories” were fading away replacing by blurred images , he could not remember anything , he wanted to feel her mother, her love but he couldn’t ,though he had an old black and white photograph of Kamini but it gave him no solace .He wanted to know his mother and the photograph did no good to him .

Life was going on as always until one day when the family got seperated ,all his uncles and their families left for their own homes and the property was divided too among the five brother’s including Sanjay .

Life was difficult now , Sanjay had to take care about everything ,he used to cook food for both of them though he was not a good cook , sometimes they had to even feed upon undercooked or burnt food.

And after all those hard times the auspicious day came ,Rohan was getting married to a beautiful girl in the nearby town.Sanjay,Rohan and other guests went to the bride’s place and they tied knots in a beautifully decotated hall.After having dinner everyone left for their rooms and fell asleep.

It was 2 or 3 in the morning when Rohan saw a white light emerging from the dark moving towards the bed ,he got scared and a scream left his throat .When the light came closer ,he saw a lady in a pure white saree having a charming face ,the face looked familiar but he could not recognise her .The lady moved on to his wife’s side and said in the sweetest voice he have ever heard –

“Don’t  you worry dear , I am here just to see my daughter in law .Ah!She is beautiful .I won’t , but My blessings will always remain with both of you .Wish you a happy married life dear …”

The lady disappeared ,there was a knock on the door and his wife was awaken by the scream too, Rohan opened the door ,it was his Father , he asked him “What happened are you okay .. ”

Yes , i am , i thought i saw someone here ,they examined the room carefully but there was nothing .You must have been dreaming ,there is nobody ,Sanjay said and left the room.

Rohan wasn’t sure it was a dream ,or his mother actually came to give the couple her blessings ,but one thing he knew for sure that her mother was exactly the same as his aunts described her Beautiful and so loving .For the first time ,he felt his mother’s love ,love so eternal that even death couldn’t stop her from coming back to bless his son  on his wedding day…


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