The eternal love : part 1

This is a story of a mother’s love for her child.


How lucky you are ,you have everything in life Kamini ,this is what her friends used to say .

Yes she had everything A loving husband ,a wealthy family ,many good friends  ,what more she could have asked for … still Kamini was griefstricken because the only thing she wanted was a child ,her own child on whom she could pour her love and affection.

Everyday she used to stand in front of God and ask for a child .It had been years but still she believed that one day God will fulfil her wish ,and the day came she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy .Everyone was ecstatic at this miracle ,there were buzz all around the place that an infertile women gave birth to a boy who they named Rohan.

She was happy now and did not forget to thank God for the lovely gift.She used to carry Rohan in her arms the whole day ,she feared that if she put him down or leave him alone ,he might hurt himself.The boy was growing older now ,he was two and a half years but she was still the same an over possessive mother .She used to carry him and do all her household work,this used to make her tired but she didn’t bothered much.

One day she fell sick ,and a doctor was called , he declared that it was a tumor and she must be hospitalized before it’s too late but she refused to go ,she was not ready to leave her baby alone .Everyone tried to persuade her but they failed ,because she knew she was going to die in some time and she wanted to be with Rohan.

Days passed by ,and she was getting weaker and weaker,now she couldn’t hold him anymore but she used to keep Rohan in front of her eyes , staring and playing with him .And after 5 months one day  Kamini called for Rohan ,she enfold him in her arms and kissed him ,her swollen eyes had tears …and she died .

Rohan was still Only three years old ,he knew nothing ,he was eating bread roll and laughing when they burnt her to ashes .After some time when they got back home ,he called for his mother ,he started looking for her but she was nowhere .His father tried to console him ,so did his aunt’s and Uncles ,but nothing could stop him from crying ,and he cried for hours ,asking for his mother ….


This is the first part of this story ,i thought the entire story would be quite too long .Thanks for reading it have a great day 😊.

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