A letter to my dear …

Hello dear ,

It’s been so long ,ever since my birth,

Everyday you lend me a paper and a pen,

And ask me to write onto it,

Sometimes my writing come out as a masterpiece,

And sometimes it’s worthless…

Oh dear now-a-days 

You seem like a math question paper ,

That has got some simple ,some tough questions,

But you know what ,

I love to solve the tough ones ,

Coz there is no fun in solving questions,

When you easily get the answers …

But Sometimes dear

You seem like a video game ,

Every level you bring another monster,

But i know it’s an illusion ,

Coz  i am the hero of this game,

I will shoot and they will disappear …

I doubt my dear 

That you’re a wicked witch,

You keep on testing me , every now and then 

But lately I have got a trick ,

I will smile and you will be bound to pass me…


Whatever you are ,either an angel or a witch ,

I am happy that you didn’t leave me ,

You are still there to bear me ,

To see if I am broken or still have left with hopes ,

Coz you are my Life dear ,

Without you i am nothing…


Hey guys i know this isn’t a Poem ,actually some thoughts popped up and i wrote it down without thinking about rhymes or vocabulary  .So, do forgive me for this and have a good night.πŸ˜ƒ


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