Hola guys , as asked by one of my blogger freinds , i am posting the recipe for puffed rice ladoo.By the end of this post you will surely say that it’s as simple as making a cup of coffee , so let’s get the ball rolling (πŸ˜‹).

Ingredients : 

  1. Puffed rice
  2. Jaggery

Steps :

  1. Caramelize the Jaggery in a thick bottomed vessel using little amount of water.
  2. When Jaggery caramelizes to one string consistency ,turn off the flame.
  3. Now , mix the puffed rice with the Jaggery .
  4. Apply water in between your palms ,take some mixture and shape it in the form of a ladoo (spherical),store the ladoos in an air tight container .Relish it with curd anytime 😊.

Note :You need to make sure that the mixture is not flowy otherwise it will not bind , the mixture should be hard to stirr.

That’s all for now freinds ,i will be back soon ,till then have fun 😊.


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    1. Actually, once you mix the ingredients the mixture starts drying so if you apply ghee then the mixture may stick to your palms instead of binding in form of ladoo ,that’s why it’s better to use very little amount of water ,but you may give it a try with ghee to see what happens !!and your welcome ☺

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