Growing over him ,

Was the pain …

Lurking in his grim ,

The specific  moan …


Scrutinizing the pale corpse ,

Laying in front of his eyes…

The blissful divine ,

Has become morose …


Bursting out in despondency,

Wailing was the ambience around …

Shrieking filled the coppice ,

Cursing mankind ….

What is it , you’ve been craving for ???

Is your dominance , still not proven ???

So indifferent to a life ,

Does Standing above the almighty,

Fills you with exuberance???


A tear slid on his cheeks,

Resembling a drop of dew …

For he would never see her again,

Sprinting in the woods ,

 Neither enfold him in her arms ,

Nor gaze at him with love …

Yet another life is sacrificed,

Is your quest still not satisfied???
Their mum cries , 

Waiting to be heard …

Is  This what  you call humanity???

Or it’s just a matter of words …


Shower some affection ,

Pour some love …
Live an honored life ,

And let them live one ….


Stop hunting , animals are lovely creatures ,embrace them 😀😀😀


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