Anger , such an underrated and intimidating emotion .It comes naturally to everyone just like love , isn’t it ??

You might be wondering what made me suddenly jump to anger from all those romantic poetry i do , well the answer is realisation ,and I thought what’s better than to share it with all of you .

Actually, today I got involved in an ugly fight with my brother , though I am a cool person,but I really get pissed off at people when they try to intentionally do something I dislike …

And without any doubt my brother is one of those person’s that dare to do these kind of things .But the point here is not to describe how indifferent we both are ….

I have read a lot of articles and books flaunting how anger makes a person wild , once we become angry  millions of nerve cells in our nervous system are destroyed ,.I came across a lot of ways to calm yourself down when you’re angry , some of them are ….

  • Look down at your feet for sometime and think about the things you like .
  • Countdown from 10 to 1 ,slowly taking deep breaths with each countdown.
  • Laugh out loud .
  • Eat your favorite food.

    So , the list goes on and on , but all these things are so impractical , how are you supposed to remember these things when you are so pissed off….

    But you know there are certain things that can cool you down, everyone has got a list of such things ….

    Here’s what I did today –

    • I went upstairs , stared at the beautiful flowers in my terrace garden and the sunset for sometime.
    • Then I took a picture of the beautiful sunset .
    • And , at last I recorded my favorite song in my own voice.

      After walking for sometime ,breathing in the chilled winter breeze I analyzed about the reasons of our fight and eventually I understood that we both were wrong at some points and the matter was resolved.

      All is well when the end is well.


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