My journey in 2016

Hello everyone, it is my last post for 2016 .This year has been great for me ,oh no ! not because I had tons of cherishing moments but because it was full of experiences , something that gave me different perspectives to look at life and took me out of my emotional swings .
Actually, I didn’t tell you anything about myself , I am a 21 year old emotional girl with lots of dreams , I want to do everything in life ,from travelling to adventures and the craziest things one can imagine too …        

   I find it difficult to open up to people , and that’s why people feel I have a lot of attitude , earlier it used to hurt me , their opinions about me made me feel bad about myself …. it does to all of us rather .

But there are certain things about life that I realised in this year ,these may sound philosophical but it’s true …

  • You can laugh with thousands of people but can’t cry in front of them ..they will sympathize with you and then laugh at your back .
  • You can’t be good to everyone , and that’s not a bad thing . If you are happy with your deeds than nothing else matters …
  • If something is distressing you , better say it off , before it’s too late …
  • Criticism is an impeccable part of life , even the noblest person on earth have to face it .You don’t need to react to everything , something’s need to be ignored.   

Moreover, I got two really dear friends at college , we support each other in everything.All three of us share different interests , but still we are united and enjoy each other’s company …

They both love me the way I am , and I love them too (they don’t allow me to share their photos though 😞) .

And the icing on the top , I started sharing my thoughts via my blog and got to read such lovely blogs … 

I  got my own readers , who read my erroneous writings and like/comment on it . I feel overjoyed when I write something new , I know it’s not perfect but at least I have the courage to write…

So , fellas in all 2016 was great for me and I hope the next year would be too . 

I would love to hear your own experiences of 2016 , and yeah meet you all in 2017 😁 .


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