How to stick to your resolutions !!!

Hola everyone , so a new year with all new hope’s,ambitions and expectations is about to begin and probably all of you might have got your resolutions for the year too . If you think a bit you’ll notice that it’s a tradition for ages now ,where we promise ourselves to be a better person in the upcoming year , to change our life in a positive way ….

So ,here I have got you some tips on how to pick and stick to your resolutions :

  1.  Introspection : Find out what you  really need to change  about yourself or it maybe a goal you want to achieve this year .Be honest to yourself and if you find it difficult you can ask your friends and family to list some of your good and bad habits , to help you choose your resolution .If your resolution deals with your ambitions in life (then you don’t need to do all this 😀 , you already have one ).                                                            
  2. Keep it simple and achievable :  Sometimes we expect way much from ourselves and eventually the resolution is dumped after sometime .So , choose simpler one’s and go step by step , as you complete a step , your confidence will be boosted and will work as self motivation to reach the final step . It’s just like success (you can’t achieve it overnight , you will have to go one step at a time and then it’s your’s ).                                                                                          
  3. Keep it confidential : When you share your resolutions with someone it becomes more prone to be dumped ,  different people have different views about you and their thoughts and expressions affect your confidence . Also , disclosing your resolutions to people mean that you are less determined to achieve it and you don’t want to come across as a dumb person (Do you ???).                                                       
  4. Keep a note of it regularly :  From day 1 write your resolution in a notebook  and at the end of the day mark it right or wrong according to you have completed it or not .Keep this for at least a month , this will help you to check how well you’re going and moreover daily writing a goal will help you make it a habit and firmly fit in your mind .                                                                                   
  5. Self motivation  : We don’t do anything without reason so you need to find a reason for why you’re doing it . Find some motivation , it can be anything whether a small gift you promise yourself after completing the task or some emotional connect . Like ,if you are planning to crack some exam then your motivation can be your parents or you may give an incentive to yourself after finishing your work (like coffee 😉).                                             

This is it . I hope you guys find it useful and have a great end of 2016 ,and yeah don’t forget it’s party time 😊🎸🎶


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