One night before Christmas 

Hello folks ,so its Christmas tomorrow and certainly you all have your Christmas trees decorated ,homes lit up with lightings and stockings hung by the chimney .

I have a lot of love for the festival because its full of life , its kinda grand get together for me to pray ,eat and celebrate and not to forget waiting for the Santa to bring us gifts and chocolates. 

Most of my childhood memories comprise of Christmas celebrations in primary school . Our teachers used to sing Christmas carols for us and all the kids used to eagerly wait for the man in the white beard and a big fat belly wrapped in red and white . We were so enchanted to listen the merrier jingles and  ho!ho!ho sound made by our Santa 😊. I remember that we had an artificial sleigh in our school ,and the elder students used to dress like reindeers ,how amusing it used to be …

I do remember how my Christian friends used to tell stories about Santa .They were all convinced that Santa used to enter stealthily through the chimneys and put their gifts in their stockings .With time the myths have cleared but the glory of the festival is still alive in our hearts ..
I know all might be excited too .So let’s countdown and celebrate . Merry Christmas folks 😉


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