Weekly roundup

Hola folks ,i am back with another weekly roundup .So you might be wondering where i was from the past 8 days (No post) .

Actually , i was busy in reading and writing .This week was quite exciting though tiresome but i managed to read two really good books (obviously along with my textbooks ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

One book was romantic genre and another fantasy (well it is yet to be finished ),its interesting how i landed on the first book . Actually i was looking for a book named switched by Amanda Hocking recommended by one of my blogger freind @thegirlonthego and i found an eBook for “Halfgirlfreind” a book based on true lovestory by Chetan Bhagat .Since it is a 2009 release and i have heard a lot about it , i started reading it .

Once i started reading , i eventually got involved with the story . To my surprise i finished the 285 pages in just 8 hours . So let’s give you a little excerpt about the book .

It begins like this…

A tall and dark young men “Madhav jha  “comes to meet chetan in a hotel in Patna and persuades him to keep some journals which belonged to her dead freind.

Chetan reluctantly refuses to keep those journals but the men leaves them on a table , after a really long discussion in the room .Chetan outraged with his behavior throws them in a dustbin ,but he could not sleep as he was reminiscing the men’s pale face .

Thus , he read those journals and calls Madhav next morning and asks him was she her girlfriend and he replies Halfgirlfreind .Chetan asks him to tell his story and he begins …

This is  when he lands into St.Stephen’s college in Delhi to get interviewed for admission in sports (badminton) quota from Dumraon , a typical bihari boy with a below average english and accent makes him realise that he is a total misfit in that upper class environment .Somehow he manages to find the interview room where three professors were ready to tear him apart and bombarding questions from all sides ,fortunately the coach pawan (from U.P) manages things for him.Pawan asks Madhav to reach badminton court after the horrible interview and that the game was more important than interview .Madhav reaches the badminton court and  discovers a 5’8 tall girl (he mentions  because of her height , these tall girls are quite rare atleast in India )who was playing on the court ,so pretty that even the sweat and mud could not overpower her features .She was a good player though the other players were not good enough and thus they lose a basket .

For him it was not love at first sight , but he could not keep his eyes off her , by an accident of fate a girl threw the ball out of the court and it strike Madhav on his head and that girl came to collect it and in a highly english accent asked him to pass the ball .Madhav never talked to a girl in his life but he collected his strength and gave her some tip ,she didn’t reply and left .

Though this time she was more confident and did some baskets but the new team lost .The girl returned to Madhav and thanked him ,Pawan asked her to see this bihari(Madhav’s ) game .The boys team on their turn defeated the college team .Madhav returned to Dumraon but now he wanted to return to St.Stephen’s only to meet her .

Some days later , a postman brought him the admission letter ,Madhav rejoiced and on the first day of college his eyes were eagerly waiting for her .

Luckily she came to him to see time table they had a conversation and she told her name as Riya Somani .

They started meeting and become college buddies , after so many twists and turns they meet and again and are seperated as she dies …

Madhav’s eye were flooding with tears and Chetan asks him to read some entries in the journals …

After reading those journals he finds that riya is not dead she has done this to get away from him .

Finally , by Madhav’s efforts they meet again and this time for ever .

The book had a perfect description of emotions and was so tempting that i could not stop reading it .

The another book that i am reading is frost ,i will review it in my next post .

Till then bye friends and if you have anything to say about the review you can comment it โ˜บ


2 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. I have heard a lot about Half girlfriend but didn’t get good reviews from my friends..so didn’t give reading it a thought! But if you enjoyed it, I might as well try! ๐Ÿ˜€
    And if you get hold of ‘Switched’, do read it! I’m glad you actually looked for it ๐Ÿ˜€
    Happy Reading! Will be looking forward to your review on ‘Frost’! ๐Ÿ˜ƒโ˜บ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually , there are three stages and the middle one seem to be a little boring but the story is surrreal and it’s only 285 pages one can give it a try …
      Yeah i am looking for switched i will buy a new book once finished with frost โ˜บ

      Liked by 1 person

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