Weekly Roundup 

Hey everyone , its been more than a week and i got to write a single post☺ . As i mentioned i have my exams scheduled this month and i am running out of time so i have decided to write a weekly roundup to keep in touch with all of you .

Well ,nothing much happened this week but the exam pressure was fully on . During exams different kinds of thoughts pop up in people’s mind -nervouness , anxiety , worries but weirdly it reminds me of Shakira’s Waka-Waka 

The pressure’s on ,                                 feel it                                                           but you get it all ,                                       believe it                                                       If you fall get up eh-eh                          If you fall get up oh oh  …………        

Do you remember this song ???                    It encourages me to work even harder and not give up ,you may also use this advice to overcome anxiety ☺.

Summing up this week was quite tiring and what adds to it is commuting from home to college and back again .It takes me 1.5 hours to reach there and that too alone.Travelling alone is really frustrating though i get to see glimpses of pastoral India and its exquisite .

The green feilds stretched on both sides of road , drops of dew on leaves scintillating in the sunshine . Cattles feeding in the grasslands .Small tea corners and people gathered to share the hot updates .  . The whole scenery is soothing and its enjoyable.

But i am seeking for some suggestions actually i love reading books specially fantasy and fiction and its been long i haven’t read something .So if you folks can suggest me some Goodreads than i will be more than happy ….

That’s all for now i will try to write some good posts this week and if i couldn’t than will be back with another weekly roundup ☺☺☺


2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 

  1. Hey! My exams are going on as well 😦
    Well, you can try the Percy Jackson series ( if you haven’t already 😛 ) , it’s really addictive until you finish till the last book! And then you can also read ‘Switched’ by Amanda Hocking, it’s quite amazing! 😀


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