Perception of Life – My reponse to today’s one word prompt “Construct”


           Let’s move along the bank                               And gaze at the shining sky             

             The waves that rise above                                   Just to again drop by 

           Let loose your thoughts away                      And breath in the breeze passby

          Do you see your impressions                            inscribed on the wet sand ??

     Those would be the guiding marks…

            Let go those restless days                              wasted in contemporary                                      desires 

              Those sacred fears ..                                     that arouse in the imaginary                             future by now 

             Its up to you                                                  either be the lake in limits or,                      The river that makes its own path …

     Let’s construct another perspective                 a better way to look at life 
        Let’s construct a better world                           That treats us all alike !!!

Hey , everyone please let me know if this is good or not ☺☺


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