Pirates of the Carribean sea and the Real hidden treasure 

A few weeks ago ,I saw a news airing that the Columbian government has find an underwater treasure in a sunken spanish ship “San Jones”in the Carribean sea ,which worth more than $4 billion …even more than the GDP of some smaller countries .The ship carried valuable gold coins ,precious metals and jewels and was on its way to Spain from USA .  The Columbian President though refused to reveal the actual location of the treasure .
Actually ,what immediately popped in my mind was “Pirates of the Carribean sea” one of my personal favourite(amongst fiction as i believed it to be) ,but it was amusing to know that the story is partially real .

Remember the sequence in the movie where the British Armadas and the pirates fight over the hidden treasure ,how fascinating it looks ,people fighting over with swords ,bows and howitzers ,but in reality it would have been the scariest nightmares one can have .

I researched about it a bit to find out that actually “San Jones ” sank due to a battle but it is still unknown that it were the pirates or the British Armadas who attacked the ship .What’s most tragic is that 600 people were either evaporated in the explosion or sumberged with the ship in the heart of the deadly sea .😥

The best part is that the ship is still resting peacefully at the bottom of the sea but has started making divisions on the land .A US based company has claimed that they discovered the treasure even before and it belongs to them , on the other hand Spain too claimed its ownership .All these speculations indicate that its better not to try to redeem the treasure and let it rest in the sea forever .

Well , there is an old saying that suits –

That’s all for now , i had to leave for a while as my exams are scheduled from next week .

Will be back soon ☺

I hope you all enjoy this post .


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