Indian cuisine and the inherent ayurveda 

I love cooking and fortunately i am born in a country with the widest variety of food and culture .

“Panchforan” is used in almost every indian dish and all the spices have a special purpose  and an amzing flavour too.Another such spice like turmeric ,i observed that these spices are almost skipped in foreign cuisines .Moreover ,this style of cooking came from our ancestors however what amuses me is how did they knew about it without any medical science .

Another such thing is that people used silver crockeries , amazing like who told them that silver have anti bacterial properties . 

One interesting thing is that when i used to see my grandma or my mom cooking some traditional dish i used to bang in there and ask all sort of questions like –

What is this dish for?

Why are you making it and so on ….

And after every ingredient –

What is this for ?

And my grandma used to smile at me and tell me the purpose of every ingredient ,its properties ,medicinal values and everything she knew about it .

And the best part is that she merely completed her primary school still sounded like an ayurvedic doctor .Basically , it was her mother’s lessons and this is how these traditions and ideas moved from generation to generation .

Well, she is no more with me but her recipes will always be and so will grandma …love you !!

 I always find my passion in cooking but unfortunately could not choose it as a career , but no regrets …

You don’t always get what you want ,but if you start loving what you do than you can be way more happier ☺☺☺☺


10 thoughts on “Indian cuisine and the inherent ayurveda 

  1. Hi,
    yep ! I know “panchforan” ..I mean at least now I know. Actually, a few days back I tried to try my hand in cooking, which is a field I hardly know anything about. And I guess it was some vegetable I tried to cook and not knowing that “panchphoran” or “panchforan” is not put in every “sabzi” I mixed it in the beginning and the results were haha..unexplainable 😛 That day, my mum told me about it. Well, I still have no idea when will the next day come when I’ll head towards Kitchen (not to eat, that I always do) to cook..or let’s say…try to cook..:D


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