Demonetisation of currency and the utter “political vengeance “

Though i never wanted to sound political like most of the youngsters in India but this post is of utter importance for  me.

From the past 12 days after the news of Demonetisation of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 broke out ,the country seems to be divided into two groups –

1. People who are in favour of the decision 

2. Obviously who are against the decision .

The newspapers are flooded with statements accusing the government for the crass and i too feel that there are some problems people have to face .

But i wonder why would someone dislike the decision , the actual cause of demonetisation is being fulfilled although ,and that what we wanted .

Moreover ,the most affected people are the middle class ones and we people should be happy because the black money will eventually lower the interest on loans as SBI chairperson – Arundhati Bhattacharya claimed . And not to my surprise the middle class ones are happy to face the problems on account of a better ,emerging and prosperous India .

Well ,my point was not to count the pros and cons but to emphasise some facts .

The day this decision was announced i saw the headlines where almost all political leaders were embracing the PM for his bold step to combat corruption and i was delighted too .

But as days past by leaders started bouncing back from their own statements , it can also mean that they have black money too or they are doing this to defame the government or whatever the reason be .I am not a supporter of any political party but the thing is i am happy that the government took over worth Rs. 5 lakh crore of Black Money and as citizen of India everyone should be proud of this fact .

I have heard political leaders saying that the decision was not well planned and there could have been strategies to improve the situation and it naturally comes to my mind why don’t they suggest something to avoid the crass .

Is it not the duty of the opposing parties to strengthen government’s decision ??

Well ,every single time a decision is made the same situation arises  -as happened in the case of #Surgical Strike too .

This is what i feel but its my own perspective ..

If you have a different opinion please let me know ,so that i might get a wider perspective on Indian polotics .


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